Welcome to QBioS.   The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Quantitative Biosciences (QBioS) at Georgia Tech was established in 2015, our inaugural class of 9 Ph.D. students joined us in Fall 2016, and we now have seven cohorts with 38 total Ph.D. students.  We also have 11 alumni.  QBioS has more than 50 participating program faculty representing six participating Schools within the College of Sciences.  We welcome applications from students interested in innovative research on living systems building upon a foundation of rigorous and flexible training. The QBioS program will prepare a new generation of researchers for quantitative challenges, new discoveries, and fulfilling careers at the interface of the physical, mathematical, computational and biological sciences. Apply by December 1, 2022 to join the class of students entering the QBioS Ph.D. program in August 2023.  

News and Events

On Saturday, March 11, scientists and engineers will share their biomechanics work with snakes, elephants, monkeys, flamingos, and other wildlife as part of the "Animals in Motion: Biomechanics Day at Zoo Atlanta" during the 2023 Atlanta Science Festival.


Cross immunoreactivity and local immunodeficiency

Multisensory integration and memory in hover-feeding hawkmoths

Cell fate modulation from infection to population dynamics
A person wearing black robotic exoskeleton boots standing on a gray platform.

Researchers at Georgia Tech and Emory found wearable ankle exoskeletons helped subjects improve standing balance only if they activated before muscles fired.

A range of tree-covered mountains stand beneath a bright blue sky

Plants, like animals and people, seek refuge from climate change. And when they move, they take entire ecosystems with them. To understand why and how plants have trekked across landscapes throughout time, researchers at the forefront of conservation are calling for a new framework. The key to protecting biodiversity in the future may be through understanding the past.