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The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Quantitative Biosciences is the home for advancing student-led discovery of quantitative principles underlying the dynamics, structure, and function of living systems.

You can help advance quantitative biosciences at Georgia Tech with an unrestricted gift to the QBioS PhD program to support our education and research missions.  Please contact Lisa Redding, 404-385-1720, or via email if you are interested in learning more.

To make a gift online, click here:

Please designate: 'GTF Project 320-00-0192/QBioS'.


Co-Director, QBioS
Joshua Weitz, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Biological Sciences
Office: Cherry Emerson, Room 219
Phone: 404-385-6169
Co-Director, QBioS
William C. Ratcliff
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Office: Cherry Emerson, Room 331
Phone: 612-840-4983

Academic Program Coordinator, QBioS
Lisa Redding
Academic Program Coordinator
Office: Engineered Biosystems Building, Room 2009
Phone: 404-385-1720

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