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Harnessing Biomolecular Simulations to Understand Enzyme Selectivity and Allosteric Regulation
Theoretical and empirical population genetics of admixture and introgression
Topographic Characterization of Biofilm Growth
Computational Models of Phage Therapy from In Vitro Settings to In Vivo Infections
Join us for a celebration of Joshua Weitz's new book - including coffee and cake, a contest for free books, and a 'guaranteed or your money back' expressive reading.
Automated Methods for Quantifying the Behavior of Cichlid Fish
Ethan Wold, 4th year PhD student in Quantitative Biosciences, will present, "The diversity of resonance in insects".
Reaction-Diffusion and Cardiac Modeling with Applications to Defibrillation
"Plant Root Circumnutation as an Emergent Behavior: From Cells to Roots."
"The origins and diversity of precision in the moth flight motor program"
“The evolutionary fate of Neanderthal introgression in admixed genomes with recent African-like ancestry.”
Novel Computational Models for Bacterial Dynamics in Community and Treatment Contexts
Neuromechanical Control Adaptations in Complex Environments
Evolution in real time: insights from micro- to macroscopic multicellular organisms
Nascent multicellular organisms overcome problems of large size via emergent biophysical phenomena
Information Coding and Structural Motifs in Spiking Neural Networks
Mechanics and Morphology of Mammalian Climbing with Applications for Conservation
Reexamining Fundamental Assumptions of the Type VI Secretion System
Bacterial dormancy and its impact on phage-host interactions
Responses of African Mammals and Ecosystems to Environmental Change Across Space and Time