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Ethan Wold, 4th year PhD student in Quantitative Biosciences, will present, "The diversity of resonance in insects".
Reaction-Diffusion and Cardiac Modeling with Applications to Defibrillation
"Plant Root Circumnutation as an Emergent Behavior: From Cells to Roots."
"The origins and diversity of precision in the moth flight motor program"
“The evolutionary fate of Neanderthal introgression in admixed genomes with recent African-like ancestry.”
Bacterial dormancy and its impact on phage-host interactions
Responses of African Mammals and Ecosystems to Environmental Change Across Space and Time
Please RSVP by May 11, 2023!
Machine Learning of Viral Molecular Dynamics
Cell fate modulation from infection to population dynamics
Multisensory integration and memory in hover-feeding hawkmoths
Cross immunoreactivity and local immunodeficiency
Entropic Ordering of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by the Depletion Mechanism
Lung microbiomes of people with cystic fibrosis
Non-inertial undulatory locomotion across scales
Evolution of cell differentiation and whole genome duplication in a Multicellularity Long-Term Evolution Experiment
Modeling Plant Root Circumnutation as an Emergent Behavior
Interested students of all majors are invited to attend!