Zachary Mobille

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Research Interests

Zach Mobille graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physics in 2019 and a Master of Science in Biomathematics in 2021, both from Illinois State University. During his education there, he became interested in the nonlinear dynamics of neurological systems. His undergraduate thesis project was centered on the synthesis of an electronic circuit that closely mimics the behavior of the famous Hodgkin-Huxley model of action potential generation in a brain cell of the squid. This hands-on research experience motivated him to pursue an M.S. in biomath, where he deepened his knowledge in statistics and modeling with a focus on biological phenomena. Zach’s M.S. thesis concentrated on a single neuron in the nematode C. elegans that is superb at sensing very small temperature changes in its environment. He studied the calcium response of this neuron via mathematical models, as well as its membrane electrodynamics. QBioS was the top choice for his PhD because of the freedom and resources it offers its students to pursue exciting, cross-disciplinary research with a quantitative bent.

Area of Specialization

Computational neuroscience