Gregory Sawicki

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Gregory Sawicki

Office Location:
 555 14th Street, Room 1323

Research Interests:

Current research in my laboratory seeks to discover physiological principles underpinning locomotion performance and apply them to develop lower-limb robotic devices capable of improving both healthy and impaired human locomotion (e.g., for elite athletes, aging baby-boomers, post-stroke community ambulators). By focusing on the human side of the human-machine interface, we have begun to create a roadmap for the design of lower-limb robotic exoskeletons that are truly symbiotic---that is, wearable devices that work seamlessly in concert with the underlying physiological systems to facilitate the emergence of augmented human locomotion performance.

Area of Specialization:

Terrestrial Locomotion, Neuromechanics, Wearable Robotics, Human Augmentation, Elastic Mechanisms

Areas of Research:
Areas of Research