Welcome to QBioS.   The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Quantitative Biosciences (QBioS) at Georgia Tech was established in 2015, our inaugural class of 9 Ph.D. students joined us in Fall 2016, and we now have seven cohorts with 38 total Ph.D. students.  We also have 11 alumni.  QBioS has more than 50 participating program faculty representing six participating Schools within the College of Sciences.  We welcome applications from students interested in innovative research on living systems building upon a foundation of rigorous and flexible training. The QBioS program will prepare a new generation of researchers for quantitative challenges, new discoveries, and fulfilling careers at the interface of the physical, mathematical, computational and biological sciences. Apply by December 1, 2022 to join the class of students entering the QBioS Ph.D. program in August 2023.  

News and Events

Cats always land on their feet, but what makes them so agile? Their unique sense of balance has more in common with humans than it may appear. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are studying cat locomotion to better understand how the spinal cord works to help humans with partial spinal cord damage walk and maintain balance.

In a new paper published in eLife, School of Biological Sciences and School of Computer Science researchers show how AF2Complex, a deep learning tool designed to predict the physical interactions of proteins, is lending new insights into protein synthesis and transport — and paving the way to computationally expedite biology research as a whole.

JC Gumbart and Flavio Fenton, Halloween 2021

Over the past decade, Flavio Fenton and James (JC) Gumbart have enjoyed partnering as faculty, research collaborators, co-advisors, and friends. 200 papers later, they look back at 10 years of research, and to the decade ahead.

Dr. Pedro Márquez-Zacarías

NIH-NIGMS blog features Dr. Pedro Márquez-Zacarías
ants forming a raft

In water, ants tend to flail and actively repel each other but are drawn together by physics

Cassie Shriver, QBioS PhD Student

Graduate students from each of the six College of Sciences schools have received 2022-2023 Herbert P. Haley Fellowships to expand their research — and connect with fellow scientists and mathematicians at conferences and events.


2022 QBioS Cohort

The interdisciplinary graduate program in Quantitative Biosciences at Georgia Tech is pleased to welcome eight new students to our program.  Our newest cohort began the program in August 2022.