Hemaa Selvakumar, QBioS Career Talk

Hemaa Selvakumar
Scientist in the R&D team of Felix Biotechnology

Thursday, October 27, 2022
4:00pm Eastern
In-Person Location = Howey N201/202
Hemaa is presenting remotely, but we will have a group watching in Howey.

Online = https://gatech.zoom.us/j/97648520314?pwd=SmZ2Ymt5KzEvdy9WdkUxSUp0S2FwQT09

Hemaa Selvakumar currently works as a Scientist in the R&D team of Felix Biotechnology, a biopharma startup developing phage-based therapies to overcome the challenges of antimicrobial resistance. At Georgia Tech, she worked with Dr. Jennifer Curtis and Dr. Joshua Weitz on phage-biofilm dynamics. Hemaa graduated from Tech in Fall 2021 with a PhD in Physics.