Welcome to QBioS.   The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Quantitative Biosciences (QBioS) at Georgia Tech was established in 2015 by over 40 participating program faculty representing 7 participating Schools within the College of Sciences. We welcome applications from students interested in innovative research on living systems building upon a foundation of rigorous and flexible training. The QBioS program will prepare a new generation of researchers for quantitative challenges, new discoveries, and fulfilling careers at the interface of the physical, mathematical, computational and biological sciences. Apply by December 2, 2016 to join the class of students entering the QBioS PhD program in August 2017.  

News & Events

Comparisons of whole-genome sequences from ancient and contemporary samples have pointed to several instances of archaic admixture through interbreeding between the ancestors of modern non-Africans and now extinct hominids.
Joel Kostka continue to study the largest accidental oil spill in U.S. history.
A new study shows the diversity and resourcefulness of Vibrio cholerae, the organism behind the disease cholera.
Lachance Lab receives NIH funding to study the genetics of prostate cancer in African men
Glass lab exploring the big picture of tiny organisms