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Fossil Pollen Record Suggests Vulnerability to Mass Extinction Ahead

Reduced resilience of plant biomes in North America could be setting the stage for the kind of mass extinctions not seen in 13,000 years.

Mon, Aug 24, 2020 | Read story
Making Earth System Models That Match the Speed of Climate Change

Annalisa Bracco and Taka Ito land Department of Energy grant to improve computer models for analyzing Earth’s carbon cycles across oceans, land, and the atmosphere

Wed, Aug 19, 2020 | Read story
Catching Z’s, Capturing Data: Researchers Create DIY Device for Monitoring Sleep Patterns

A new at-home polysomnography kit, built by Audrey Duarte and W. Hong Yeo, proposes a path to getting data and a better night’s sleep — thanks to a new, unobtrusive nanotech device.

Mon, Aug 17, 2020 | Read story
Microbes and Methane: Unlocking Clathrate 'Crystal Cages' with Chilly Protein Cocktails, Created from Deep Biosphere Bacteria

When it comes to gas clathrates — collections of water molecules that can trap gas inside a lattice-like crystal structure — science sees them as potential friends and foes.

Tue, Aug 11, 2020 | Read story
Greg Gibson and Joshua Weitz: Science and Projections for Our Return to Campus

Video recap: Watch Joshua Weitz and Greg Gibson provide updates on Covid-19 projections and coronavirus surveillance testing, with a focus on the return to campus.

Fri, Aug 7, 2020 | Read story
Unselfish Molecules May Have Given Rise to Life

New research from Center for Chemical Evolution demonstrates experimentally evaluates alternative model to ‘RNA World’ hypothesis, emphasizing collaboration and co-evolution

Mon, Jul 27, 2020 | Read story
Epidemics Focus, Virtual Format: QBioS Takes Annual “Hands-On Modeling Workshop” Online

Lectures, breakout sessions highlight online seminar on virus modeling

Sun, Jul 26, 2020 | Read story
Georgia Tech Researchers Release County-Level Calculator to Estimate Risk of Covid-19 Exposure at U.S. Events
Mon, Jul 13, 2020 | Media link
Georgia Tech Researchers Release County-Level Calculator to Estimate Risk of Covid-19 Exposure at U.S. Events

The new county-level calculator builds on the team’s interactive state-level tool, which estimates the daily risk that one or more individuals infected with Covid-19 are present in U.S. events of various sizes.

Tue, Jul 7, 2020 | Read story
Astrobiologists Aid in Georgia Covid-19 Test Initiative

Astrobiologists are using their expertise to help produce necessary components for Covid-19 test kits in the state of Georgia.

Tue, Jun 9, 2020 | Read story
Notes from the Director, Spring 2020

Quantitative reasoning given uncertainty is precisely the kind of approach necessary to understand how complex systems work.

Mon, Jun 1, 2020 | Read story
Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine's Harmful Effects on Heart Rhythm

Drug creates serious disturbances in the electrical signals that govern heartbeat.

Mon, Jun 1, 2020 | Read story
A Problematic Pathogen Develops Antibiotic Tolerance — Without Previous Exposure

A study led by The Diggle Lab found that the opportunistic pathogen "Pseudomonas aeruginosa" can quickly evolve in a synthetic media that mimics cystic fibrosis sputum, to develop tolerance and resistance to certain antibiotics.

Wed, May 27, 2020 | Read story
Cavity-causing Bacteria Assemble an Army of Protective Microbes on Human Teeth

Examining bacteria growing on toddlers’ teeth, Marvin Whiteley and a team from the University of Pennsylvania found microbes’ spatial organization is crucial to how they cause tooth decay.

Thu, May 21, 2020 | Read story
Planetary Exploration Rover Avoids Sand Traps with “Rear Rotator Pedaling”

Using the Mini Rover, researchers have studied locomotion techniques that could help future rovers work on granular lunar and planetary surfaces.

Wed, May 13, 2020 | Read story