Foundations of Quantitative Biosciences - New Cornerstone course for the QBioS PhD

Director Weitz developed the new, cornerstone course for the QBioS PhD.

Foundations in Quantitative Biosciences will be offered every Fall, and includes 3 hrs of lectures and 3 hrs of a computational laboratory every week.  All QBioS PhD students took the class, which is open to QBioS PhD Majors and PhD students from other majors.

Foundations in Quantitative Biosciences is organized around understanding key advances in the biosciences, one organizing unit at a time, in which the advances depended critically on quantitative methods and reasoning.  Both foundational advances and recent challenges are discussed.

Each week, students are exposed to: (i) methods for developing and analyzing quantitative models; (ii) logic for how to reason given uncertainty in the biosciences; (iii) computational skills to implement and support a thorough understanding of stochastic and dynamic modeling at the interface between mathematical formalism and biological data.

The overall objective of the course is to teach graduate students how to reason quantitatively in the biosciences given uncertainty in mechanisms, rates, and reliability of measurements.